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Swim With Crocodiles 01:13

Swim With Crocodiles

If you ever wanted to swim with crocs your dream is fulfilled by this theme park that offers holiday snaps while coming direct...

Dogs Protect Kids 01:47

Dogs Protect Kids

Okaloosa County, FL - The eye witness who saw two kids in an emergency lane of Interstate 10 a day before claims that...

Biggest Caterpillars Ever 00:27

Biggest Caterpillars Ever

You would have seen various species of caterpillars but this one is totally from a different world. These big caterpillars will make you...

Hilarious Kangaroo Fighting Video 01:16

Hilarious Kangaroo Fighting Video

These two funny kangaroos fighting caught on camera by Tuvik Beker, while visiting Warrumbungle Nature Park in New South Wales, Australia, on October...

Wild Beetles Swarm Couple And Eat Them 01:55

Wild Beetles Swarm Couple And Eat Them

A tourist without knowing about beetles was trespassing a garden full of thousands of dung beetles in Tasmania on February 15, when he...

Water Running Inside A Tree 00:24

Water Running Inside A Tree

Weird phenomenon has been recorded as this footage shows a frozen tree melting from the inside out and spouts of water are oozing...

Dog Becomes Pro Surfer 03:11

Dog Becomes Pro Surfer

This adorable pooch has garnered amazing surfing skills and is a pro surfer. He goes with the name Coda, who is a seven-year-old...

Mystery Sea Creature Spotted 00:29

Mystery Sea Creature Spotted

The new footage has been released that show a New Zealand diver was dwarfed by a massive wormlike sea creature surfacing from the...

Dangerous Landslide 00:36

Dangerous Landslide

Two workers get trapped under a landslide and die on the spot. It happened in Colombia.

Shark Attacks Man Underwater Spear Fishing 00:34

Shark Attacks Man Underwater Spear Fishing

This video features a man who was attacked by a shark while spearfishing underwater in the Bahamas was spearfishing in the Bahamas with...

Panda Babies Indulge Into A Cute Fight 00:58

Panda Babies Indulge Into A Cute Fight

Are you ready for some endless cutesy? Daily random cute and funny moments of pandas edited and rolled out just for you! This...

The Beetle is Drawing 00:13

The Beetle is Drawing

This amazing beetle is drawing. You can see he is not less than Picasso. The insects are capable of many things and they...